Friday, July 29, 2011

VIP Tour of Riverton Office

This was the best tour we got to go down where they pickers pick and where the packers pack.  We went into Shelli's office, the conference rooms, and Demonstrator Support area.  I loved the waterfall in the middle of the building, there are tables around it for breaks, lunch, or meetings.  Just a relaxing sound and feeling.  We went thru the area they use to display products and items created for the Stampin Success magazine.  We also receive a special treat from Shelli, a bag of carmals one of her favorite snacks.  Here are the pics from that wonderful trip

 The waterfall.
 This was in the conference room.
 These are of Shelli's office, it was not very big or flashy.

 These cards were on Shelli's desk.
 These pics start the rooms the use for the Stampin Success magazine.

 Shelli did this one herself.


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